Specializing in Interior Design, Renovations & New Construction

With a genuine passion for arts and design. Natalia believes in precision, quality, and dedication. 

Work with us...

Functional Design

If you are working on a new build, or simply remodeling, we will create a detailed interior design plan to guide your through including... 

  1. Inventory of rooms
  2. Functional layout
  3. Building changes (walls, electrics, water and sewage)
  4. Consultations

Custom Interior Design 

We will do everything for you. Everything included in our Functional Design services as well as... 

  1. 3D visualizations
  2. Colors and materials
  3. Consultation in shops
  4. Floor design
  5. Furniture 
  6. Room designs
  7. List of equipment and designed elements
  8. Decorative elements

"Ridiculously efficient is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Natalia Zamarlik - Business Owner at NZ Design & Associates Inc."

~ Anna W.

Our Process...

Consultation - NZ Design & Associates

We want to know about your project! Your goals, desires and everything in between.

Project Plan - NZ Design & Associates

We will develop a plan based on project details discussed during our consultation.

Visualization - NZ Design & Associates

We will create a visual design plan for your project.

Details - NZ Design & Associates

Now it is time to line up all the details of your project such as furnishings and construction.

Final Plans - NZ Design & Associates

With our detailed plan in place and approved by you we will finalize the plans including project costs and schedules.

Implement - NZ Design & Associates

It's time to finish off the project implementing everything we have planned.

Our Portfolio...

contemporary Farmhouse, Chicago

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Cosmopolitan Kitchen, St. Charles

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Modern Chic, Chicago

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"The really listens to your wants and needs while also respecting your budget. The results were nothing less than stellar."

~ M. A.