Meet Natalia

Professional interior designer, stylist, and artist at heart 

With a genuine passion for arts and design. Natalia believes in precision, quality, and dedication.

You deserve a space that offers all of that and more. 

20  years ago, NZ Design & Associates, Inc. was founded based on a genuine passion for the arts and interior design.  Since then, I have had the privilege of using my passion for art and design to create some of the most beautiful spaces my clients call home. 

My focus on precision, quality and dedication lead me to studying Architecture at Columbia College of Chicago, and develop a team that delivers only the best. 

Our tried and true process,  make the very intricate process of home design a breeze.

My Early Inspiration...

I learned about the art of decorating when I was very young while living with my grandparents. My grandmother was an incredible woman who had a keen eye for design and showered me in love. She honed her decorating skills in everything she did from gardening, flower arranging, sewing and delicate embroidery. When she set a table for an event, the end result was always a masterpiece. 

My grandmother's wisdom, was also more than art and interior decorating. She was skilled an intelligent money savvy business strategist, who accomplished much in her life. 

I learned everything I could from my grandmother, which eventually translated into a passion for interior design, and the three business I have launched and managed in the world of Architecture, Construction and Art and Design. 

Chicago Interior Designer - Natalia Zamarlik

Living Today...

Today I have the pleasure of creating strategic interior designs backed with my knowledge of architecture and construction for homeowners, businesses and corporations. 

And that is just a small look at what I can do! 

On any given day you could find me

  • Creating unique designs inspired by my travel worldwide, many years of experience in construction and architectural studies.
  • Leading collaborative teams through the design and construction process
  • Delivering creative solutions in residential and commercial design
  • Nurturing client relationships with the smooth project management process
  • Designing cohesive interiors using innovative and timeless strategies for builders and developers
  • Producing backgrounds for branding productions

With love and passion  I always have my clients and their desires at the center of every project. Striving always to find the best materials, respect budgets and create something incredible that my clients will fall in love with. 

Are you ready to work together?