Commercial Interior Design

NZ Design & Associates Inc takes a full-service approach to every project. 

NZ Design & Associates takes our clients on a design journey with a collaborative team of architects and designers who use their technical skills and talent and create an office or commercial space that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. 

We create spaces that...

  • Display the strengths and values of your company
  • Use colors that compliment your brand, down to the smallest detail
  • Ensure your space feels open, expansive and comfortable, while being multi-functional

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Featured Commercial Design Project

This commercial interior design project included work for a real estate company with a main objective to make a space that was both aesthetically pleasing and served as both a lobby area and a general work-meeting area amongst employees. Overall the space was to be multi-functional and had to accommodate a large number of people at once. 

Before starting the design process, we made suggestions to alter the front door and to include a semi-transparent doorway separating the lobby and the kitchen area. We posed that adding a glass front door would allow for curious individuals to look inside and get a sense of what they represent as a company.

Project Details

One of the secrets to getting clients to return to your business is a well-designed lobby. Making a strong first impression is crucial to this factor, and their judgment call begins as soon as they make the first interaction with your business. Many times it’s the lobby that kicks off their interaction with your business so in this design, we made sure to display the strengths and values of the company by designating one wall to the mission statement and awards gained by the employees.

Throughout the design, we used the logo colors with the intent of making sure that there was a cohesive color association between our design and the company’s branding. A company's brand is its identity so being mindful and incorporating our client's branding was an integrated thread we were very conscious of throughout the design process.

In executing the objective of this project, we included a fireplace to create a calm and cozy atmosphere for clients in the waiting area. A TV monitor was hung above the fireplace to play entertainment for the clients, but also to be used by employees to showcase videos of open houses, and stagings, host meetings with virtual clients, and to host other day-to-day activities when clients are not present.

To aid in facilitating movement and functionality, we selected comfortable swivel chairs and opted for benches to accommodate for a larger gathering of people. We also added a multi-tiered coffee table that could be used by individuals or brought together for larger gatherings. 

For a multifunctional space to work and not feel cluttered, it’s important to use elements that give off the illusion of space expansion. Throughout the design, we paid special attention to all the dimensions of the furniture to make sure that nothing would look too large for the space. We also chose a rug with rectangular elements in colors that were cohesive with the branding to aid in making the space feel larger than it was.

Commercial Interior Design

What We Can Do For Your Business: 

1. Reinforce your brand and professional image: 

Interior design can help to reinforce your brand and professional image by creating a cohesive look and feel that reflects your company's values and personality. This can help to establish credibility and build trust with your customers and clients.

2. Enhance customer experience: 

Interior design can enhance the customer experience by creating a welcoming and professional atmosphere for clients and visitors. This can help to create a positive impression and encourage repeat business.

3. Display your company strengths and values: 

Interior design can be used to showcase your company's strengths and values by incorporating elements that reflect your brand and mission. This can help to create a unique and cohesive identity for your business.

4. Promote employee productivity: 

A well-designed office space can promote employee productivity by creating a comfortable and functional work environment. It can help to increase motivation and reduce distractions, resulting in higher productivity levels.

5. Increase efficiency: 

Interior design can help to increase efficiency by creating a more organized and streamlined work environment. This can help to reduce clutter and improve workflow and movement, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

6. Enhance business performance: 

A well-designed office space can enhance overall business performance by creating a positive and productive work environment. This can lead to increased employee satisfaction, reduced turnover, and improved customer relationships.

7. Save you money: 

Investing in interior design can result in a positive return on investment through many mediums. A well-versed design can increase property value, attract potential clients, and promotes engagement with your brand!