Wegierek Psychology Center Interior Design

It's a true privilege when we are given the opportunity to share our creativity and expertise to support businesses that are dedicated to making a positive change in the world. One such remarkable organization is the Wegierek Psychology Center which specializes in psychotherapy, provides neuropsychological testing for both children and adults, and holds authorization to prescribe psychotropic medications to treat mental health disorders. In our design process for their office space, we aimed to align with their objectives and create an environment that reflects their professionalism and compassionate care while also incorporating features that evoke comfort, safety, and openness.

The founder, Dr. Wegierek, is known for her open and warm personality, welcoming and integrating everyone as friends and associates. She is especially a high supporter of women supporting women and we wanted to translate this ethos into the office space. Thus carefully designing a corridor to display not only Ms. Wegierek's achievements but also highlighting the incredible contributions of her team. This gallery serves to visually represent their love of learning and the mile stones of accomplishments, inspiring a sense of pride and motivation within the office as they move from room to room. To further promote inclusivity and support, we also incorporated a special gallery within the office. This gallery pays tribute to the women who have touched Dr. Wegierek's life in various ways. By prominently displaying their impact, it serves as a personal detail and a reminder of what we can learn from those around us.

Within the line of mental health work there's demand for a space to reset between clients, and we decided to incorporate it in the office as a room that serves to be both a library and a place for focus and relaxation. This peaceful sanctuary minimizes distractions and carefully adorns a serene ambiance for staff members to go to for quick breaks, to catch up on readings and other work material, or for any other number of reasons. By incorporating cozy and inviting elements, we aimed to make the library feel like a home away from home, providing a calming retreat for all who enter.

One of our favorite details was integrating patient drawings throughout the space to infuse the office space with a unique and engaging atmosphere. These drawings were created by the center's young clients, adding a touch of authenticity and just enough playfulness to the environment to envoke the senses of the inner child. It also serves as a constant reminder to the staff of the important work being done at the center and the impact they maintain on the lives of those they serve!

The Wegierek Psychology Center stands as a shining example of an organization dedicated to helping the world become a better place. It has been an honor to contribute to their mission, and we are grateful for the opportunity to have played a part in shaping their office space into a welcoming and empowering sanctuary to foster an atmosphere of healing and support.