Glamorous Contemporary

Glamorous Contemporary New Construction, Northbrook, IL  

Located in the cozy suburbs of Chicago, this contemporary-style design seeks to complement the suave and grandeur structure of the home with consistent colors, sophisticated materials, and embellishing gold elements.

Project Details... 

  • Just through the entryway, long glamorous drapery is set as the backdrop to a round floating staircase, highlighting the class of the architecture and design.
  • Marble panels run throughout the home, guiding your eyes to a beautifully crafted and embellished ceiling with impressions of refinement marked in detail. 
  • Luxury crystal chandeliers are hung strategically around the home, adding a touch of dazzling glamour to the already elegant interiors, which are paired with adjustable LED lights that add to the elegance and provide atmosphere-changing opportunities.
  • The sophisticated design continues into the kitchen with bright and natural tones, leading to the living room featuring a plush white floor covering and a large luxurious sofa.
  • The luscious gold and soft textures decorate the bar area, exhibiting a scene in perfect harmony with the rest of the home, despite it being separated from the main floor.
  • Last but not least, we have the master bath and the walk-in closet, where the design shines with gold finishes accenting the wooden veneers highlighted by trailing LED lights encompassing the outer detailing of every edge.

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