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Design Project

Grand Glamor Contemporary in River North

Project Objective:

To transform the space to balance illusionary expansion, comfort, and a glamorous contemporary style that's tailored for the likes of the River North area in Chicago.

Upon entering the home, guests are immediately drawn to the stunning circular mirror that stands at the beginning of the walkway. This mirror, with its round shape, is designed to expand the space in every direction and aid in the sophistication of grandeur. The mirror is backlit with LED lighting allowing for customizable mood lighting to enhance the room's ambiance.

Designed for Intimate Gatherings

The living room was designed with the purpose to fit an intimate gathering of people that was both comfortable, conversational, and lavish. A curved couch was decided upon instead of a sectional with two swivel chairs and a decorative bench encompassing the area but breaking  up the seating for optimal navigation and movement throughout the space. The abstract horizontal carpet pattern selected for the living room enhances the illusion of a larger space while the flowing length of the tracked drapery adds to the contemporary aesthetic and emphasizes the height of the space. A tall pedestal is used in place of a traditional side table, creating depth and glamour and helping to avoiding clutter that would diminish the work to expand the space.

Creating an Illusion of Space Expansion

The bedroom continues in the efforts to create an illusion of space expansion with tall mirrors and panels climbing the back wall for the illusion of a vertically elongated space.  The built-in nightstands and tall mirrors eliminate distractions, such as cables and outlets, from the design while adding to the luxurious all-round hotel feel without making it look too stiff or stuffy. The final result of this space leaves us with a seamless transition for the requested luxury hotel feel home that is equipped perfectly for both entertaining and relaxing.

Every design project starts with a strategy and a clear plan. Let's begin planning yours...