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NZ Design & Associates Inc takes a full-service approach to every project. 

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NZ Design & Associates takes each client on a design journey with a collaborative team of architects and designers who use their technical skills and talent and reform their way of living.

Our Process...

Consultation and Proposal

Your project begins with an onsite consultation where we walk-through the space to gain a clear perspective of your lifestyle, and the scope of the design project. We want to know how you use the space, your ideas for updates and changes and the goals you wish to achieve. 

To ensure the success of your project we focus on gaining a mutual understanding of the budget, timeline, project details. This allows us to prepare a written proposal that includes a timeline, costs, and all necessary logistics for the project.

Renders and Drawings

We will take you on a three-dimensional journey by putting all individual elements such as materials, furniture, accessories, and fixtures together digitally using a multitude of design technologies. We want you to have a feel for the space before the work begins. 

Approvals and Orders 

After all design components are finalized and approved, we will provide you with price estimates and create a final budget for the project. All orders are placed based on your approvals.

We will then introduce you to the team who will be managing all construction, assembly, and production. We closely supervise and coordinate the tracking and delivery of all items, as well as handle returns, exchanges, damages, and issues so you don't have to worry. 

Client Expectations and Construction

Construction may include unexpected delays and problems. Handling these issues can be exhausting. Which is why we take care of them so you don't have to! NZ Design & Associates Inc is your confidante that will address any difficulties and strive to quickly detect issues, and offer suitable solutions to ensure your project continues moving forward. 

Procurement and Project Management

We stay on top of all construction and material orders, eliminating issues as they arise during the process. This includes sending purchase orders promptly; tracking orders and assessing lead times. If we discover a product is on backorder or has been discontinued , we quickly assess the probabilities of project delays and reselect new items for approvals.

Furnishing and Installation

This is where your vision comes to life! Congratulations! NZ Design & Associates Inc  will handle the installation of all design components and will take you on a live journey through the interiors of your dreams.

Let's Start Planning Your Project...

Other Interior Design Services


Get the advice you need to make your interior design projects a success from start to finish. In the Designer for a Day package we share with you our expertise and guide you through making sound purchase decisions. 

What you can expect: 

  • Pre-planned journey so together we can make the most of your time
  • 6-7 Hours of showroom visits looking for the best selections
  • Undivided attention on you and all your needs
  • A very productive day one on one.

This Best Selling Interior Design package is available in any state, and any city in the US. Please note that travel fees apply to all areas outside of Chicago Metro.


Another one of our Best Selling Interior Design packages, the Designer on Call package is designed for clients who are building or are in a renovation process. 

We combine your great sense of style with our design expertise to help you navigate the whole process smoothly. And we provide guidance and assistance through email, texting or calling. 

Designer on Call packages start at 20 hours to be used over a period of  60 days.