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Design Project

Maximizing Space and Aesthetics in N Sheridan

Living in a high rise in the vibrant city of Chicago offers numerous perks- one of them being the breathtaking views of the skyline and shore of Lake Michigan. For one of our kitchen remodeling projects, we drew inspiration from this stunning vista to create a space that seamlessly blends together the components of functionality and aesthetics. However, it came with its own set of challenges as we had to work within a compact area and navigate a hard to work with concrete ledge compacting the kitchen even tighter.

Maximizing every inch of this space had been the main objective in this project.

To make the most of the available space, we opted for custom cabinets that allowed us to unleash our creativity and maximize storage capacity. We also integrated the concrete ledge into the cabinets to expand the working space as much as we could. Pull-out drawers, shelves, and rotating lazy susans were strategically incorporated in the millwork to then ensure accessibility and efficiency into organization. Such customizations enable usage of every nook and cranny while maintaining a sleek and clutter-free appearance within the rest of the kitchen.

Creating a space that perfectly balances functionality and aesthetics sometimes requires making compromises. 

Since every inch had to be accounted for we had to be selective with the type of inserts we incorporated into the cabinetry. With conscious intent it had been decided to move against bulkier metal inserts in favor of those that offer optimal functionality within the limited space. While this choice may have limited some aesthetical options, it ensured that the kitchen was designed without obstruction to expansions of the space within while still being tailored to the homeowners needs.

To visually expand the kitchen we employed a few design techniques that helped guide the eye to produce the illusions of expansion. Large tiles were selected to help foster this illusion by reducing the number of grout lines and decrease the sense of "busyness" in the design. A white ceiling with encircling lights was utilized to disperse light evenly and create a sense of openness against the ceiling, while LED lighting was strategically placed to highlight key areas and add a touch of contemporary flare.

Standout feature out client fell in love with.

The star of the show and the standout feature of this kitchen is the captivating backsplash that have our client falling in love with their new kitchen every time they walk into it! With its seamless flow of custom glass tile it beautifully connects the interior to the stunning view of Lake Michigan right outside the high rise continuing the naturalistic changing lake colors in waves of vibrancy and vitality. This design choice not only emulates natures beauty in a cityscape apartment but also makes the kitchen feel more expansive, inviting the outdoors into the heart of the home!

New appliances that combine cutting-edge technology with sleek design added to the modernity of the space. 

We had introduced an induction stove, offering both precise temperature control and energy efficiency,  and embedded a compact oven into the millwork to save on counter space throughout the rest of the kitchen. A touch faucet adds convenience and a touch of elegance to the sink area, simplifying everyday tasks and was proposed to offer convenience to the clients as they worked to prep their meals.

We are overall delighted at the finished product, but even more so at our clients satisfaction of the space!

Every design project starts with a strategy and a clear plan. Let's begin planning yours...