New Construction

NZ Design & Associates Inc takes a full-service approach to every project. 

New Construction Interior Designer

New Construction is an exciting process, that can also be overwhelming. From start to finish we will be your confidante during the new construction process and be by your side to assist or take care of... 

  • Estimate project costs
  • Put together a project budget
  • Create a schedule
  • Set up parameters for how the project is executed
  • Communicate and collaborate with project stakeholders
  • Educate workers and teams about the contract details
  • Supervise all work specialists dealing with construction and regulation adherence
  • Perform risk management

Our team of architects, contractors, and builders will hold your hand through the construction phase while following precisely prepared design visualizations along with detailed architectural documentation.

The design team will take care of project management addressing issues, and keeping challenges and obstacles to a minimum, saving you from dealing with the stress and unnecessary involvement. 

Let's Start Planning Your Project...