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Design Project

Preserving Timeless Beauty in Palos Heights

Have you ever come across a kitchen that still looks good after 20 years? That's exactly what we encountered in this project in Palos Heights. Standing against the test of time the maple-colored finishes within this kitchen radiates its inherent beauty. In upgrading the space for a more modern twist we decided to preserve the charm of these finishes and integrated it within our remodel of the dining and living room.

The enduring appeal of the maple-colored kitchen served as the foundation for our design. Rather than completely transforming the space, we utilized the maple color as a starting point to create a cohesive flow between the kitchen, dining area, and living room. By incorporating contemporary design elements and elevations we achieved a harmonious balance that seamlessly blends the old with the new.

One of such features was the LED lights which played a pivotal role in setting the mood and highlighting key features around each of the rooms. Dimmers were strategically installed to allow for different lighting options, enabling the homeowners to create a desired ambiance at any given moment.

Exaggerated high ceilings became an integral part of the design challenge, presenting an opportunity to create a statement feature in the home. However, though the high ceilings elongated the room, It thinned out the width of it. To balance these proportions we explored innovative solutions, such as motorized roller shades, to add functionality and enhance the visual appeal of the ceiling area. We also utilized custom carpeting that visually expanded the area with a fitted offset to create a harmonious relationship between height and width of the space. Additionally, custom panels were employed to enhance the contemporary feel and add depth to the overall design.

Every design project starts with a strategy and a clear plan. Let's begin planning yours...