Why Are Interior Designers Important

At face value, it is easy to think of Interior Design as a long-winded, circuitous process that could be done by just about anyone with a vision and a Pinterest board of inspirations.

I mean, how hard can it really be? 

Move a couch over here. Put some throw pillows over there. Replace the floorboards, take down that wall to open up the space and - Voilà! A new space of your own making! 

That is until you step back and realize something is amiss. That the vision you had spent countless hours and resources trying to mold into reality just isn't there. It doesn't feel right.

What did you miss? 

The answer is that much like any art form, it takes a particular skill to understand the underlying principles that make a piece work. This makes Interior Designers vital to any home improvement project you may have.

Interior Designers themselves aren't simply people with an eye for decorating. They are craftsmen, professionally trained to carefully weave together the artistry of design and the serviceability of space. They express your custom desires and gear them specifically to the functions uniquely applicable to your home.

It is both an art and a science that requires a well-rounded skill set of architecture and design to ensure all your needs and wildest dreams are met with comfort and sustainability. Eliciting not only uncompromising value to your home but making you feel right at home.  

What can usually draw someone away from hiring an Interior Designer is an incomplete understanding of what the process itself may look like and the true contributing role they may hold in the grand scheme of your project.

The many benefits you will receive.

To help demystify the professional standards and answer some of the questions you may have about professional Interior Design, we have put together a list of the many benefits you will receive. We will be using NZ Design & Associates inc. as an example for the standard process when working with a Designer.

You Will REceive Personalized Care

NZ Design & Associates Inc provides its clients with exclusive personalized care. We supply the client with a full-service of numerous resources and accommodations set in place for your convenience from the very start to the very end. 

Placing your home, your trust, and your ideas into someone else's hands can feel extremely daunting. So it’s important that your Designer always listen and review every detail that appears within the project. This is why every project starts with an initial consultation. The consultation allows Designer to truly get a sense of you before getting to work on your home.

Within this consultation, you will meet with a Senior Designer who will spend time thoroughly getting to know your vision. They will take into account your likes and dislikes regarding style, color, design preference, and expectations. The information gathered in this session helps the Designer plan out all proportions and interior elements. It allows us to adheri to any specific wants and needs presented in the conversation. They will then present the plan to the client for their thoughts and address any concerns moving forward.

We Hand-Picked Materials and Elements

Once a general concept is established, the Designer will then render hand-picked materials and elements to integrate into the design. We provide visual and textured representations of the potential held within the space. As a part of this step, the Designer will also translate the pieces into a computer. Using advanced designing software they can establish a life-like comprehensive model that includes all elevations, axons, sections, and additional renderings to illustrate a true-to-form working outline. With an outline for reference, the client can then interact with the plan-making changes and suggestions that suit their tastes and preference, while the Designer will provide input and options for the client to choose from.

Your Design is tailored SPecifically For you

In the final steps of the design process, the client and Designer will work together in establishing a set of finalized executive drawings. These will stand as a basis for the rest of the teams involved in the process. Once the perfect model is decided on, it is time to shop for the pieces, materials, and detailings from the page and into your home! The Interior designer will aid in processing the purchase orders for all elements of the home making sure to do their research and to ask questions on your behalf if need be. 

At the end of the design process, the tailor-fit design is left to a team of professional and established contractors and architects. They work closely with the Designer who maintains prominent and consistent communication to account for every detail of the finalized product, making sure every finite customization is managed and handled with care.

We have a Well-rounded extensive knowledge of the home

There are also varying extended services Interior Designers may provide depending on project demands. It is a standard for any well-established designer to have well-rounded extensive knowledge of every aspect within the home. This includes maintaining a comprehensive understanding of architecture, construction and using that knowledge to incorporate these elements into a functional and beautiful design that projects each client's individual styling needs. The key term to understand why Interior Designers are invaluable to have during the construction process is function

Whether your new home is an empty plot, a shell in need of interior structure, or already fully developed in its foundations an Interior Designer is equipped with the knowledge to handle any given stage in development. Having a Designer at earlier stages of development can especially benefit your home in the long term. Their correspondence with other teams will help keep the interior of the home at the forefront of the project. After all, this is the space that you will be inhabiting and spending most of your time! It deserves to be made a priority and having a Designer input their suggestions can make it so. 

We look at Everything down to the Smallest of Details 

What also makes for a good design is that it’s not just about making something look good. It also needs to factor in the space and optimize its constructive use. Details such as outlet placing, ceiling heights, and how to move building systems within the space, such as heat and water, are calculated strategically by the Designer with considerations to appliance placement and furniture dimensions. This helps properly fit all the pieces into place without hindering the integrity of the design. These are tricky systems and calculations that can easily disarrange the space when the job is handled separately from the Designers influence. Such oversights can can add significant costs to a project meant to have you fall in love with your space. 

We coordinate with all craftsmen and Trades

Having a Designer along during the process to advise and keep active communication with electrical and construction teams guides the project. They ultimately steer the course to avoid significant problems and obstacles keeping everything running smoothly until the very end. 

What should also always be kept in mind is the implementations the project solidifies for you in the long term. Any time you work on your home, you invest in your real-estate assets and increase value to your property. Designers keep that in mind and know the strategic principles of Real Estate Enhancement; maximizing this investment to ensure your home lives up to its monetary worth years down the line.  

What should also always be kept in mind is the implementations the project solidifies for you in the long term. Any time you work on your home, you invest in your real-estate assets and increase value to your property. Designers keep that in mind and know the strategic principles of Real Estate Enhancement; maximizing this investment to ensure your home lives up to its monetary worth years down the line.